Developing with AudioKit - Basics

This tutorial shows how to use the AudioKit framework in an iOS app. The target reader is an experienced iOS developer with little or no experience with the AudioKit.

Only basic AudioKit functionality is utilized. In fact only the features demostrated in the AudioKit Basics playground are used. It’s probably a good idea to play with that playground before using this tutorial.

The iOS specifics in the tutorial are covered but without detail. The embedded figures, source code and GitHub project should provided enough detail. The tutorial is focused on the Audikit integration so some iOS specifics (such as AudoLayout) are ignored.


How to copy local file to Dropbox

How can I copy a locally created Mindmap to my Dropbox account? tl;dr Swipe left on the MinDgo file to reveal the Export option (see figure 1). Procedure 1. The Dropbox App The ability to copy a MinDgo file to Dropbox requires that the Dropbox app is installed and logged-in. 2. Export a local mindmap In MinDgo tap the Files tab. Swipe (to the left) on the file that you want to export.

A Brief Introduction to MinDcard

This presentation provides a brief introduction to our iOS app, MinDcard. MinDcard a companion app that works with FreeMind, Freeplane and other compatible mind-mapping applications to turn mind maps into study cards. MinDcard identifies annotated nodes in a mind map and presents them as flash cards for study using the Leitner Learning System. Node are marked as a study card by annotating it with an icon or attribute. The node’s text will be displayed on the front of the study card and the node’s Note will be displayed on the back.

Using Dropbox With MinDgo 2 v1.1

Introduction In this tutorial we’ll be covering the Dropbox features built into MinDgo 2. This tutorial uses MinDgo 2 v1.1. You can expect the Dropbox experience to improve in later releases. Starting Mind Map Start with an example mind map (, loaded into Freeplane. Uncheck some items (nodes) by changing the node icons. Save the mind map to a folder on Dropbox. Import/Edit/Export Launch MinDgo 2 on an iOS device and import the Groceries.