How to copy local file to Dropbox

How can I copy a locally created Mindmap to my Dropbox account?


Swipe left on the MinDgo file to reveal the Export option (see figure 1).


1. The Dropbox App

The ability to copy a MinDgo file to Dropbox requires that the Dropbox app is installed and logged-in.

2. Export a local mindmap

In MinDgo tap the Files tab.

Swipe (to the left) on the file that you want to export. You will see options to Open, Export or Delete the file. Tap Export.

An action sheet will pop-up with a list of apps that the file can be exported to. Scroll until you find Copy to Dropbox, then tap on it.

The Dropbox app will launch. You can Choose a Folder... where the file will be saved, Change the saved file name and Save the file. This operation will leave you in the Dropbox app but you can task switch back to MinDgo as needed.

Figure 1. File Options