Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How To: Export a New MinDgo 2 Document

MinDgo 2 can copy (import) existing mind maps from a Dropbox folder, the iTunes document folder or a new document can be created locally. This tutorial demonstrates how to export a new (local) mind map document from MinDgo 2 v2.1.

A new mind map document can be created directly in the MinDgo 2 app. This document can be exported to a Dropbox folder[1], the iTunes document folder[2] or attached to an email[3].
  1. When exporting to Dropbox, the document is copied to the root folder. It can be moved to another location afterwards, if desired. Note that MinDgo 2 will need to be linked to a Dropbox account before this feature will work. Also, exporting a document to Dropbox does not enable the synchronization features of the app. A document needs to be "Copied from Dropbox" to enable the synchronization feature.
  2. When exported to iTunes, the document can be copied from the device using iTune running on your Windows or Mac OS X computer. 
  3. When sharing using email, the document is sent as an email attachment. Note that your iOS device must be configured for email before this feature will work.

Friday, July 12, 2013

MinDgo 2 v2.1

MinDgo 2 v2.1 is now available from the iTunes Store.

What's new in v2.1:
  • Bug fixes related to the node text editor. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MinDgo 2 v2.1 Submitted to iTunes Store

MinDgo 2 v2.1 has been submitted for review to the iTunes Store. This version is a maintenance release that fixes several bugs related to the node text editor.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

MinDcard v3.1

MinDcard v3.1 is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

MinDcard is a companion app for FreeMind, Freeplane and compatible mind-mapping applications. MinDcard transforms annotated mind maps into study cards that are organized into decks using the Leitner Learning System.

What's new in v3.1:
  • Includes a fix to the (previously reported) incompatibility issue between MinDgo 2, MinDcard and Dropbox.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MinDcard v3.1 is waiting for review

MinDcard v3.1 has been submitted to the iTunes App Store and is waiting to be reviewed. This maintenance release includes a fix to the (previously reported) incompatibility issue between MinDgo 2, MinDcard and Dropbox.

Friday, May 24, 2013

MinDgo 2 v2.0

MinDgo 2 v2.0 is now available from the iTunes App Store.

MinDgo 2 is a companion app to FreeMind and Freeplane, two great open source mind-mapping applications. The MinDgo 2 app allows you to view and edit mind maps on your small screen iOS devices.

What's new in v2.0:
  • Document synchronization. Documents can be imported, exported and synchronized with Dropbox.
  • The document list is now ordered by the date most recently updated.
  • Various internal updates and bug fixes.
Note: There is an incompatibility between this version of MinDgo 2 with MinDcard v3.0 and the Dropbox app. Refer to the post MinDgo 2, MinDcard and Dropbox Incompatibility for more information.

Notice: MinDgo 2, MinDcard and Dropbox Incompatibility

We're sorry to report that the MinDgo 2 v2.0 release comes with a known bug involving an incompatibility between MinDgo 2 v2.0, MinDcard v3.0 and the Dropbox app. This bug is only present with the specified app versions.

If you have all three of these apps installed, you may encounter difficulties in linking either MinDgo or MinDcard with Dropbox. If both apps are already linked with Dropbox, then you will not see the problem. This problem is being addressed and will come in the form of an updated version of MinDcard.

Short-term workarounds for this problem include;

  • Wait for the availability of the updated MinDcard app before installing MinDgo 2 v2.0.
  • Temporarily remove the Dropbox app. This will allow MinDcard and MinDgo to successfully link with Dropbox using the web interface. After both apps are linked, the Dropbox app can be reinstalled.